About us

What do we do?

REVOSOLAR designs cost-effective solar energy systems, allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits of solar with no up-front costs.

  • Our mission

    To make solar energy available to homeowners and businesses at a more accessible cost than regular energy sources, like fossil fuels, which can't be renewed and constantly pollute the Earth.

  • Our goal

    To provide superior services and support, while helping consumers save money and gain energy freedom.
    That's why our Team, platform and expertise make it easier than ever to get started by increasing transparency and simplifying the process from start to finish.

  • The tri-county area.
    our speciality

    We deliver guidance and tools for homeowners and businesses Owners all over the Tri-County Area to switch to solar energy.

If you're considering making the switch but still have doubts, let us clear them up! We can answer any questions you have directly and offer a free estimate. If you're going to make a choice, make the one that matters: Join the solar revolution!

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6500 nw 72 ave Miami, FL

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